When you look into the mirror, what do you see? Do you see a vile creature worthy of scorn and hate? Do you see a monster consumed by greed or racism or apathy for the whole world? All around us different groups and individuals want to sell us their version of a guilt-complex.

They want us to feel bad for having pride in anything, for having our own standards and values, or for being successful in any way, shape, or form. They even have top scholars in all fields who create the best possible arguments for why you should feel guilty, why you should essentially despise yourself. From your race to your financial bracket, you shouldn’t feel anything but remorse or self- loathing for everything that you are.

They will bully you and berate you until you feel the way they think you should feel, and in our fear of being called names like “bigot” or “sinner” or whatever term that serves their agenda, so many kowtow to them every time. We need to start asking our selves, is this really any way to live?

It wasn’t always this way, you know; a long time ago all the peoples of the world were proud of everything they did and were, which manifested in every aspect of their culture. People were a part of things that were real, that were significant, that truly connected them to something greater than themselves. Their tribal ways of life bolstered strength and spirituality in ways we cannot even imagine in our modern world. The Yorubans of Africa, the Hindus of India, the Shintos of Japan, all the ancient cultural systems left no room for guilt, for self-hate, for moral bankruptcy or spiritual weakness. Although people will always be people and any one can fall away from their religious paths, the systems themselves were designed to uplift their adherents and help them to evolve in a positive manner. Could you imagine the mighty Apache braves or the heroes of ancient Greece succumbing to this sickness of guilt, this mental illness that has corrupted the hearts and minds of so many?

No race on earth has been more crippled by this ailment than that which originated in Europe. Even seeing this written here would cause a knee-jerk reaction in some, thinking that we are somehow spreading racist propaganda or hate-speech, which nothing could be further from the truth. We have allowed political extremists on both the right and the left to exploit and manipulate world affairs and race relations to their own ends, and it is time for us all, every person of very race on earth to stand up to this once and for all!
So, how do we do this? By returning to your own native heritage, by going back to the beginning. We have been indoctrinated by religious and political creeds that by their very nature inflict the guilt-sickness upon their followers. But you have the power to rise above this, to take your place within your own tribal system. If you are of Northern European descent, that system is known as Ásatrú or Odinism, and it is the modern revival of our ancient way of life, a way that teaches us to be proud of who we are and what we have accomplished. At the same time, it teaches us to be compassionate and generous, and to value and respect other races and cultures as an intrinsic part of our beliefs. In this respect, we stand alongside all the native peoples of the world to reject the universalist, globalist doctrines that have proven disastrous, even ethnocidal over the years.

Our organization is called The Norroena Society, and we are devoted to researching and teaching the core principles of the Ásatrú or Odinist religion. If you want to cast off the shackles of the religious and political dogmas that burden humanity, if you want to reject the disease of self-loathing and guilt, if you want to become a part of something truly significant, profound, and life-affirming, then join us today! We are always welcoming new members into our extended family, and hope that you too will want to take part in our cultural revival.