“From the ancient North comes the spiritual legacy of our folk , passed on from the very words of our highest God , whom we call Odin .

His blood flows through our veins , for he is our creator , our earliest ancestor who gave us life with his divine wisdom .

He and his brothers , Hoenir and Lodur , found two trees or logs lying on a beach and from them created the first of our kind , known as Ask and Embla .

Hoenir gave them the ability to move and to think as well as their divine image , what is called lá with læti and litr goda . Our All - Father , Odin , then gave them önd , a ' Spirit , ' to connect us to him and all the other Gods and Goddesses through sacred practice .

His is the ability to sing , to pray , to chant , and to speak with our breath . Finally , Lodur gave the odr , which is our ability to be inspired by the Gods , and how we manifest that inspiration .

Consequently , odr makes up a part of the name Odin , for he is the God whose primary function is to send that inspiration through his power of the runes . It is the " gift for a gift " tradition of praying and receiving that is so holy to our ancient way”.

Mark Puryear, “Odisbook, the book of Odr”