About how to build up a Rigsthing for the creation of a Sedian Nation
...It is the beginning of a new era, where the descendants of ancient polytheist cultures arise and reclaim their birthright. Our world, our culture, and our traditions were subject to centuries of campaigns to destroy them by foreign creeds and despotic movements. But now you are here, holding a new legacy within your hands.

One that will not be created for you, but rather by you. We have developed a blueprint for you to establish a line of customs that will allow you to not only rejoice in the light of your ancestors’ Gods, but will also allow you to partake in the cultural phenomenon that was once the principal foundation of Teutonic civilization. We feel that by looking into the past we have discovered the methods that will truly bind our people together again, utilizing a system of organizing your local folk into bonds that will last for generations.

Most reading this book will have had some understanding of the ancient ways of the North. We have seen the records. We have read the deeds. We know the accounts of famous Clans like the Völsungs, the Skjöldungs (Scyldings), and the Ynglings. Some wish to play the anachronist and pretend they are a 10th century Viking or Saxon, or embrace the Continental Teutons as some ancestral fetish. But the ancients were not living like this. They did not dress up like cave people or pretend they were Neanderthals.

They did not make a religion out of Hunter-Gatherer memories or long for the days of hunting mammoths. No, they honored their family lines. They paid tribute to their folk, and they organized around the culture that they lived within at that time. Their dress, their organization, their legal structures, all existed within the framework of an organic culture. That is the way it should be. That is the way it always should have been. We are not here to pretend. We are not here to play games. We are here to build an ancestral tradition in the modern world so that we can pay homage to our Gods and help our people move away from the oblivion of post-modernism. We are here to plant the mightiest of oaks in a forest of thorns and decay. The reclaiming of our birthright means that we are in the here and now, today fighting for who we are, and what we are meant to be.

This book is a way for you to become an ancestor. It is a way for you to begin codifying your path for your descendants and for all those around you. It is not a dogma, it is a tradition. It is not playing sword and sorcery, or pretending to be something we are not. It is not a political farce using our sacred symbols as its shield. This is true, authentic polytheism and tribalism built within a frame-work that only you and those around you can create. There is no centralized church or umbrella organization to hand you a religion in a box. There is only the legacy that you can create using the step-by-step method we are offering and developing a tribal culture with the methods used by our ancestors.

We will be employing genealogy, heraldry, religion, and tradition into a process that you can easily follow in creating your very own heritage. Let the fires you build today burn for a thousand generations and lead your children and your children’s children onto a path of honor and devotion to the Gods of your people!
With this book we are establishing a hierarchy of devotion that begins with the self, and develops into an entire tribal Nation. We call this The Sedian Nation, and it shall be the groundswell from which a holy alliance of like-minded folk will grow and thrive. This alliance will be forged with oath and with devotion. It will teach our people how to become loyal again, where we stick by one another no matter what may come. Loyalty is one of our sacred Virtues and it should be at the epicenter of every established segment of this vision.
You swear the oath to stand by your people, in good times and bad, in the greatest of joys and the worst of conflicts. That is loyalty. That is devotion. That is family or Clan.
It is never giving up on those that would not give up on you, and standing by their side even in the most turbulent of times. This book is here to help you forge those bonds. It is here to help us be a community once again, casting off the degenerate impulses of individualism and self-gratification. It is living for others above yourself, and sacrificing for them and what they need rather than what you want.
A Nation can only be built upon the trust held within it. Without trust, it is nothing more than empty words and hollow rites. By building something truly monumental, we can take on all of the forces that seek to destroy the West in the name of power, greed, and hate. We are here to establish a Folkish Nation of men and women truly devoted to the Gods and Goddesses of the Teutonic Pantheon, and as such we are here to help you through every step. To do that there must be trust. Trust that you will do what you say. Trust that you will act with honor and integrity in your affairs. Trust that you will work with us as we wish to work with you. That is all we ask: for us to grow in faith and trust towards one another as we take on this grand adventure of building our very own culture!

The vision is now within your hands. The words upon these pages are here for you to take the first step, to lay the first brick. Do not take lightly your responsibility, your duty towards those that will see your accomplishments. What you build from this moment onward shall become a part of your very own history! In a thousand years they will read of your Ætt and seek to know this culture as much as the historian looks into any of the artifacts of yesteryear.
So step forward, take up the mantle, and begin your journey into the Nation of Sedian Ætts!