-The Æfinrúnar Book 1-

The Æfinrúnar are the runes of earthly life, the sacred practices handed to us by the divine. In the Rigsthula, Heimdallr bestowed gifts to the classes of men. He gave them the tools of civilization, as well as the Æfinrúnar and Aldrúnar.

But Konr the Young
learned runes
and Aldrrúnar;
further he could
help people,
blunt edges,
and still the ocean. -Rigsthula 43

This book is dedicated to reconstructing our ancestral religion using the source material to piece our ancestral ways of life back together. Our goal is to establish a religious standard for our people rooted in the traditions found in our lore. For far too long we have been told our ways were destroyed with no hopes of rebuilding a truly authentic system to be carried on. How wrong they were. The Æfinrúnar Book part 1 gives us the tools needed to reforge our local communities and establish a sacred space, build a stalli, celebrate the holy tides, and honor the gods and our ancestors in a traditional way. This book will cover rituals including creating statues, sacrifice, home ritual, and rites of passage, to name a few. It is our intention, with this book, to offer an orthopraxy for those wanting to dive deeper than the Asatru 101 books.

Hail the gods
Hail the folk