The Jarl

XXI. Jarl ( excerpt from chapter XXI of “The Asatru Edda “ 1. When Jarl was a youth he won […]


Chapter XIV. Dísir 1. There are twelve Æsir whose nature is divine. The Dísir are no less sacred, nor are […]

Grotti in “The Asatru Edda”

VIII. Grotti 1. Goðar and Jötnar came together and created an enormous mill, called Grotti.2 It was also called Skerja […]


We have seen the origin of the cosmos and of the Gods as told in the Odinic creation story. That […]


THE ÁSATRÚ EDDA IV – Jörmungrund 1. Jörmungrund is the most ancient land, which was inhabited and decorated long before […]

Hel in The Asatru Edda

XXIV. Hel Urðr, the Dís of örlög, is also the Dís of death. Because she determines the örlög and length […]

The Fylgia

We are told that the fylgjas, who are tutelary spirits in the Odinic faith, are women who die as virgins […]

Cycles and Ages

“We believe that the universe and its four basic elements ( Water, Fire, Earth,Air ) are eternal in that they […]


He is the boar of plenty, the beast of sustenance that feeds the warriors in Vahall. This boar is a […]