The altar is the center of the rite, and as such is considered to be the holiest of places for us. There are many considerations for how an altar can and should be set up: from the natural stones of the Hǫrgr to the more elaborate and crafted Stalli (also called Blótstallr or “Sacrificial Altar”). We will discuss the rites and traditions surrounding this in the chapter on sacred space. For now, it is important to note that the altar is central to the ceremony and is considered the home


It is the most sacred observance of our religion, mentioned in many sources as the premier means of communicating with […]

On Cogfodas

Cofgodas: Glossy New Penates for the 21st CenturyThe Classical School of Interpretation In the 21st century, a new orthopraxy has […]

Agni-Heimdall, the Culture-Bringer

~Agni-Heimdall, the Culture-Bringer~ 76) As we have seen, the Indo-European concept of the first human pair was far removed from […]