Are Norse and Saxon Gods Really Different?

A TALE OF TWO PANTHEONS Are Norse and Saxon Gods Really Different? If you study the patterns in Norse mythic art over the last 3 centuries you will find two sources of inspiration, and within the primary one, two prominent trends. The two sources of inspiration are the Eddas (mostly Snorri’s) and a book by

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Freja as leader of the Walkyries ?

POPULAR MYTH-CONCEPTIONS: Freyja as Leader of the Valkyries? This is not something found in the sources. The earliest reference to the idea that Freyja was the leader of the Valkyries is in Walhall: Germanische Götter- und Heldensagen by Felix and ‎Therese Dahn, 1885, which reads: “However, in Walhall’s golden halls, they exchange the warlike for

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The journey of the Dead Part 2

Excerpt from VIKTOR RYDBERG’S “OUR FATHERS’ GODSAGA” Translated by William P. Reaves © 2003 Chapter 38. Part 2 / 3 THE NORNS. THE JUDGEMENT ON THE DEAD. THE PLACES OF BLISS AND PUNISHMENT. – original title – In the underworld, the common path of the dead first winds in a westerly direction through deep and

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Saehrimnir He is the boar of plenty, the beast of sustenance that feeds the warriors in Vahall. This boar is a sacred animal representing two of the most revered aspects of any religious belief: the sacred feast and regeneration. Here is what is stated in The Odinist Edda about Saehrimnir (XXV.7, using Grímnismál 18, Gylfaginning 38, Gunnars Slagr

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