Hierarchical Devotion

Each step of our inner-circle, from self to family, family to clan, clan to tribe, tribe to nation, nation to […]

Worshipping the Gods

To understand the true nature of the worship of our Gods and Goddesses, we must first understand the anatomy of […]

The Elements of Man

“From the ancient North comes the spiritual legacy of our folk , passed on from the very words of our […]

The Vanir

As the Aesir are the defenders and protectors of the World Order, the Vanir are primarily concerned with its maintenance […]


There are those who believe that the Odinic faith is one that celebrates war and conflict above all else. What […]


Because we believe in freedom, you are never going to find any sort of ideas within the Odinic faith that […]


For me, this is the most insidious aspect of the hedonistic lifestyle. Truly. Loki and Gullveig have unleashed their most […]

The Land

“Four things are given for your profit , with the names air , water , land and fire. But Odin […]

The Elements of Man

The first three Gods created humans from the organic matter of trees, then each infused them with their own personal […]

Örlog or Urlag

It is the ‘original law,’ the karmic principle that forms the core of Odinist and all Indo-European morality. We have […]