The Face of Earth

In Germanic sources, Mother Earth holds a prominent position. The evidence (as compiled in the previous chapters) is overwhelming. She […]

The Face of Earth

The Face of the Earth This is a link to Erica Timm’s map of the Distribution of the Frau Holle […]

Pagans persecuting Christians

In the latter half of the fourth century, the Church historian Sozomen (c. 400–450 AD), writing of the dangers that […]


We have seen the origin of the cosmos and of the Gods as told in the Odinic creation story. That […]

Witching the Plough on Plough Monday

Original Title: “ WITCHING THE PLOUGH ON PLOUGH MONDAYThe First Monday after Twelfth-Day Costumed Christmas traditions are quite common throughout […]


Odin’s wife and mother of the Aesir—Thor, Baldur, and Hodur with him; she also gave birth to Frey, Freya, Blik, […]