Chapter XIV. Dísir 1. There are twelve Æsir whose nature is divine. The Dísir are no less sacred, nor are […]

Freja as leader of the Walkyries ?

POPULAR MYTH-CONCEPTIONS: Freyja as Leader of the Valkyries? This is not something found in the sources. The earliest reference to […]


We have seen the origin of the cosmos and of the Gods as told in the Odinic creation story. That […]

Law in the Ættarbók

Law in the Ættarbók: the Official Guide to the Sedian Nation It is crucial to the maintenance of a well-ordered […]

The journey of the Dead Part 2

Excerpt from VIKTOR RYDBERG’S “OUR FATHERS’ GODSAGA” Translated by William P. Reaves © 2003 Chapter 38. Part 2 / 3 […]


THE ÁSATRÚ EDDA IV – Jörmungrund 1. Jörmungrund is the most ancient land, which was inhabited and decorated long before […]

Defining the Elements

Describing the four elements as we have may lead some to think that we are heading in some ‘New Age’ […]

The Grotti Mill

Besides creating lands of pristine forests and majestic mountains for Gods and men to dwell in, the Aesir joined with […]


From every death comes life, and with the destruction of the world a new one shall arise. In the Ragnarok […]