Symbols of Afterlife – part 1

Odinist lore goes into a great amount of detail concerning the eschatology of our ancestors. This lore is an extension […]


Trúnaðr First Concentric Circle: The Self The 5th Sedian Tenet states that there are nine virtues: “Honor, Honesty, Wisdom, Piety, […]

Sedian Devotion

One of the biggest sources of spiritual sickness here in the wolf age is the perpetual loneliness of the modern […]

The Face of Earth

The Face of the Earth This is a link to Erica Timm’s map of the Distribution of the Frau Holle […]

Consecration – Purification

Consecration(Vigja) Tools: knife or sword, compass, wooden Elgr ( Algiz, Elhaz) rune, bowl of ice or water, flame, bowl of […]

The Impossible Nothing

Ginnungagap It must be understood that one of the primary fundamentals of the Odinist belief in life after death is [...]

The Middle Root

In the symbolism of our sacred World Tree, Yggdrasill, there are three roots, each fed by one of the Underworld […]

The Helfaring

The Old Norse term for a funeral was Helför—the Helfaring, which does not merely include the rites we perform in […]