Blótbað– Blót Bath

The Blótbað (Blót-Bath) is a sacred cleansing before any rite is performed, or it can be a weekly rite in and of itself, since our ancestors called Saturday Laugardagr or “Bath-Day.” The ablution could also be called Njardarlǫg, which means “Njǫrðr’sBath,” and was originally the name of the small Norwegian island of Tysnǫ. The name could also mean “Njǫrðr’s Law,” or “Njǫrðr’s Shrine.” In any case, there is the possibility that this would have involved some form


The Blótbað (Blót-Bath) is a sacred cleansing before any rite is performed, or it can be a weekly rite in […]

Types of Sacred Steads: The Vé

Types of Sacred Steads
The Vé or shrine is the simplest set up we can create for our worship, and one can be crafted in the home, or set up within a natural landscape. The word itself denotes a holy sanctuary that was even applied to the þingtaðr. In the Eddas and skaldic poetry we are given phrases and terms that relate the realms of Gods to the Vé, such as in Hyndluljóð 1, where Freyja states “we must ride to Valhǫll, and to the holy Vé”


The sacred procession, or Reið, is attested in several sources, and should be used as a means of transition from […]

The Nine Square Grid

Now that we have examined the gates themselves, it is important for us to look at why a Nine Square Grid was used and what purpose it serves. We know that the number nine is the holiest of numbers in Teutonic Polytheism, and many believe that this is due to it being the number of months in a pregnancy. If we consider the connection this may have to the Nornir and to the Underworld, this may very well be the case. But before we look into the nature of birth

The Helthing

The “Helthing” is a representation of the judgement given when one dies for our deeds. First we should examine the 9 nids found in our lore in multiple references to understand how our eschatology can be viewed. We have identified the nine nids as follows:
Murder – Völuspá 40, Sölarljód 64, Vafthrúdnismál 43, Germania by Tacitus.
Perjury – Völuspá 40, Völundárkvida 6-8, Skáldskaparmál 4, Vafthrúdnismál 43, Sigrifumál 23, Germania by Tacitus