Sedian Devotion

One of the biggest sources of spiritual sickness here in the wolf age is the perpetual loneliness of the modern […]

The Family of Gods

Rather than a pantheon of gods, the Nordic deities are more often portrayed as an extended family, a clan. This […]

The Jarl

XXI. Jarl ( excerpt from chapter XXI of “The Asatru Edda “ 1. When Jarl was a youth he won […]

The Face of Earth

The Face of the Earth This is a link to Erica Timm’s map of the Distribution of the Frau Holle […]

Folk Wandering-Völkerwanderung

XLVII. Folkwanderung 1. Miðgarðr was being ravaged by the terrible cold Völundr produced. The destinctions between summer and winter disappeared […]

The Middle Root

In the symbolism of our sacred World Tree, Yggdrasill, there are three roots, each fed by one of the Underworld […]

The Helfaring

The Old Norse term for a funeral was Helför—the Helfaring, which does not merely include the rites we perform in […]