The Nine Square Grid

Now that we have examined the gates themselves, it is important for us to look at why a Nine Square Grid was used and what purpose it serves. We know that the number nine is the holiest of numbers in Teutonic Polytheism, and many believe that this is due to it being the number of months in a pregnancy. If we consider the connection this may have to the Nornir and to the Underworld, this may very well be the case. But before we look into the nature of birth

Loki is NOT an Heathen God

This statement: “Getting hung up on the Abrahamic ‘good vs. evil’ mindset is counter productive. Good and evil weren’t even concepts our ancestors subscribed to,” in defense of honoring Loki demonstrates that Loki-worship is simply an anti-christian reaction and has nothing to do with heathenry. Loki is not a heathen god. He no longer is oathed to or living among the Aesir, and hasn’t since ancient times, according to the primary sources of information we have

The Nine Vices

  Every religion in the world has certain restrictions that generally serve in curbing wanton desires or malevolent tendencies. These […]

The Jarl

XXI. Jarl ( excerpt from chapter XXI of “The Asatru Edda “ 1. When Jarl was a youth he won […]

Affirming Life

Our faith, more than anything, is a tribute to life; with all its joys and sorrows, its complexities and necessities, […]

The Three Classes

When Heimdall came to men, his desire was to help our people develop a civilization. In doing so he allowed […]

Law in the Ættarbók

Law in the Ættarbók: the Official Guide to the Sedian Nation It is crucial to the maintenance of a well-ordered […]