“The narrative of Snorri’s Edda is based for the most part on old mythological poems, in particular Völuspá (“The Sibyl’s Prophecy”). But there are discrepancies of one sort and another between the poems, and the other fragmentary sources about the pagan religion are either disjointed or terse and difficult to interpret. Völuspá is a collection of vivid poetic visions, and was probably rather enigmatic originally; in addition, it was in a poor state of preservation

Could URD be Identical to BESTLA ?

The sources call Urd Neri’s nipt (kiswoman), and we can identify Neri as Mimir [Rydberg’s arguments]. So Urd is definately […]

On The Vanir

The Germanic mythology, like the Vedic mythology, knows two high clans of gods. In character, both clans completely correspond to […]

Breaking down the family

Breaking Down The Family Sacred texts from many different religions have prophecies involving the breaking down of the family as […]

The Face of Earth

The Face of the Earth This is a link to Erica Timm’s map of the Distribution of the Frau Holle […]