Loki is NOT an Heathen God

This statement: “Getting hung up on the Abrahamic ‘good vs. evil’ mindset is counter productive. Good and evil weren’t even concepts our ancestors subscribed to,” in defense of honoring Loki demonstrates that Loki-worship is simply an anti-christian reaction and has nothing to do with heathenry. Loki is not a heathen god. He no longer is oathed to or living among the Aesir, and hasn’t since ancient times, according to the primary sources of information we have

Agni-Heimdall, the Culture-Bringer

~Agni-Heimdall, the Culture-Bringer~ 76) As we have seen, the Indo-European concept of the first human pair was far removed from […]

Hoenir and Lodur

Hoenir: Son of Burr and Bestla, father of Frigga with Natt. He was chieftain of the Vanir until he was […]

The Family of Gods

Rather than a pantheon of gods, the Nordic deities are more often portrayed as an extended family, a clan. This […]

The Jarl

XXI. Jarl ( excerpt from chapter XXI of “The Asatru Edda “ 1. When Jarl was a youth he won […]

Pagans persecuting Christians

In the latter half of the fourth century, the Church historian Sozomen (c. 400–450 AD), writing of the dangers that […]

Separation of Elements

So, what happens when we die? According to our lore, the elements that were given to us by Odin, Hoenir, […]