Trúnaðarbók: The Loyalty Writings

The Norroena Society presents: Trúnaðarbók: The Loyalty Writings By Folcweard Lárġyfa With Foreword by Mark Puryear  Using the illustration of […]

Separation of Elements

So, what happens when we die? According to our lore, the elements that were given to us by Odin, Hoenir, […]

Affirming Life

Our faith, more than anything, is a tribute to life; with all its joys and sorrows, its complexities and necessities, […]

Acceptance and Duty

Acceptance and Duty Of course, there are moral implications involving a belief in fate, which in turn involves the power […]

Spiritual Destiny

We are all a part of the Spiritual Collective, the Web of Wyrd; and each life is symbolized as a […]