Vagn, Reið

Full skal signa ok við fári sjá ok verpa lauki í lǫg; þá ek þat veit, at þér verðr aldri meinblandinn mjǫðr. The Full shall you sign, and guard against peril, and a leek cast in the liquor: then I know that you will never have mead mixed with treachery.    As shall be demonstrated,

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Trúnaðarbók: The Loyalty Writings

The Norroena Society presents: Trúnaðarbók: The Loyalty Writings By Folcweard Lárġyfa With Foreword by Mark Puryear  Using the illustration of concentric circles, Trúnaðarbók is a series of essays discussing how we define and prioritize our levels of loyalty « The First Concentric Circle: The Self Ancient Germanic virtues speak of honor, honesty, wisdom, piety, courage, loyalty,

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A Kings Counsel

A passage from the Sverris Saga in which the Eponymous King Sverrir gives brave counsel to his assembled men at arms by relating to them a story. From this story we see here detailed our ancestors unshaking devotion to the implacability of their preordained fate and how it was used to justify an intensely martial

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New Agers At It Again

New Agers at it again… So now there are some going around claiming that “our ancestors had no concept of good and evil.” Seriously, where do these guys come up with this ridiculous nonsense? It’s almost every day we have to debunk some idiotic rumor being spread by these people that spreads around like a

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Hierarchical Devotion

Each step of our inner-circle, from self to family, family to clan, clan to tribe, tribe to nation, nation to world and beyond acts as a springboard towards the appreciation of life, diversity, and society. As Odinists/Asatruar we reject the notion of a brotherhood of man, and see devotion to life as a hierarchal system

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Oera Linda Book

For years The Norroena Society has made arguments as to the validity of The Oera Linda Book based on a stringent investigation into the contents of the text, rather than knee-jerk reactions from academics we do not trust in the first place. One of our primary arguments was that OLB contains an account of the

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The merry wives of Asgard: Odin and his women

Excerpts from the book Odin’s Wife by William P. Reaves Odin is said to have at least two wives, Baldur’s mother, Frigg, and Thor’s mother, Jörd, as well as giantess concubines such as Gunnlöd and Rind. In this regard, he is compared to other Western Sky-Fathers of Indo-European descent, coupled with an Earth Mother figure.

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THE ÁSATRÚ EDDA IV – Jörmungrund 1. Jörmungrund is the most ancient land, which was inhabited and decorated long before the other worlds.(1)Originally it was divided by three realms, each separate from the other.(2) 2. First, there is Niflheimr, which lies north of the Niđafjöll.(3)Here is the gloomy, muddy, and cold land of frost, which

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Odin’s wife and mother of the Aesir—Thor, Baldur, and Hodur with him; she also gave birth to Frey, Freya, Blik, Blid, Frid, Eir, Hlif, Hlifthrasa, Thjodvarta, and Bjart with her brother, Njord. Such a close union is allowed among the Vanir (but not the Aesir), and we would see this as an aspect of divinity

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