Breaking down the family

Breaking Down The Family Sacred texts from many different religions have prophecies involving the breaking down of the family as […]


In the creation that took place in Ginnungagap we were introduced to the primal ice first, and so it is […]

The Disir :..Frigga -Part 1

The Disir The term disir is typically used to designate the tutelary spirits or ancestresses who watch over us and […]

Hoenir and Lodur

Hoenir: Son of Burr and Bestla, father of Frigga with Natt. He was chieftain of the Vanir until he was […]


Odin: Son of Burr and Bestla, grandson of Buri, nephew of Mimir, husband of Frigga, father of Thor, Hodur, and […]

Symbols of Afterlife – part 1

Odinist lore goes into a great amount of detail concerning the eschatology of our ancestors. This lore is an extension […]