We are all a part of the Spiritual Collective, the Web of Wyrd; and each life is symbolized as a strand or thread of this web. Our interactions with others represent the crossing of each thread, which is connected to all the crossings of all the other threads, and therein lies the link to all life and all existence. If we ever find life on other worlds and interact with it, we will be expanding our threads across the cosmos, which some of us believe we are doing when we pray to the Gods. Our spirits, our inner energies, are part of the force that binds all things and makes a connection to the divine even possible.

From this perspective, worship and sacrifice become even more significant, for they represent a 'sending signals' of sorts to higher life, to divine life, while at the same time raising the spirits of the gathered participants. If we are uplifted by the positive thoughts and love sent to us from those at a distance, then the Gods and Goddesses can be as well. The more people involved in this, the greater the force and the further our message or energies will travel. If the Spiritual Collective is at play here, then we are simply using resonance to convey our devotion to our beloved deities, and in return they give us their love and energy, which comes with an even higher level of blessings and good fortune.

The spiritual destiny is manifested through the power of the collective and the will of the individual. The one affects the all and vice versa. Even though this will is driven by its destined formula, it is still made up of the choices we make. We make the choices, then the universe responds, but the choice was already part of the natural order of things in the first place. Our inner-spirits must continue our existence after we die, and so these choices must bear the weight of our urlag or karma in the next world as in this one.
One may ask, if the choices we make are already a part of the natural order, does that mean they are written in stone and therefore nothing I do matters? This is based on a misconception of fate, mainly driven by 'predestination' minded Christians (primarily Calvinists), who view all of existence as predetermined by their deity, which means that every step of your life is managed or controlled by that deity. But fate or destiny simply represents a formula for all things and that life and existence have a purpose or a direction that has been developing, develops now, and will continue to develop in the future. The scientific community calls this Determinism. We are all heading in this direction, even if we do so in our own individual ways on our own individual life-path.

We affect the Spiritual Collective as beings with a Spirit, or in another way of putting it—we affect so the Web of Wyrd as beings with a destiny. This symbiosis, or perhaps synchronicity, creates a bond with all life and thus fate supersedes all notions of difference—race, religion, gender, etc. in its neutrality. Therefore, we must treat everyone with respect so that this may be returned to us. Our folkish values are strictly cultural and provide us with a foundation with which we gain a greater appreciation for all living things, human and non-human. Our people are of Nordic descent, we are proud to share this heritage with them, and we will not be shamed for this by bullying demagogues. However, our thoughts on fate, on the Web of Wyrd/Spiritual Collective, have nothing to do with this, for they represent the union of all life forms on our planet and beyond.

We believe that humanity has the potential for something greater, to continue a form of spiritual evolution even to the point of Godhood. This potential can only be made manifest if we actually seek improvement on an intellectual and biological level, trying to better ourselves and our entire species. Contentment, sloth, and the glorification of meekness and victimhood are the primary obstacles keeping us from becoming something better. But such an ideal must be coupled with spiritual advancement as well; otherwise you risk the possibility of arrogance developing into bigotry, then developing into oppression. There must be a readily seen incentive to such advancement, because people generally enjoy the path of least resistance and would rather not put in the work towards something greater. It must come from all three fields of thought that aid in our social and physiological betterment—technological, genetic, and spiritual; and we feel that the latter must come in the form of re-forging our link with the spirituality of our ancestors, which led humanity through thousands of years of evolution in the first place.

A recognition of our position within the Spiritual Collective is crucial for this advancement, so that we will never forget that we are a part of the grand tapestry of a truly diverse humanity, and never reach the conclusion that there is only one way of achieving this goal, and all other attempts must be eliminated.