One of the biggest sources of spiritual sickness here in the wolf age is the perpetual loneliness of the modern human. Our Odal has been disrupted, our clans dissolved and our everyday lives completely isolated and atomized. I was going to say that I could write an entire book about the causes, origins and many manifestations that the modernist disease takes. Then I remembered that I am actually writing an entire book on this very topic. So, to keep this from cascading into a monstrous abstract dissertation about the philosophical and metaphysical permutations of postmodernism and the technodemonic augmented reality that poisons our consciousness. I’m going to keep it brief, practical and pragmatic for all my brothers and sisters reading this who are sick and tired of the lonesome existence of smart phones, mundane labor and the bizarre pseudoculture of virtual social media interaction. We’re going to do a brief overview of the techniques that I have developed in beginning both praxis and practice of the esoteric and exoteric in revolt against the isolating pressures of the wolf age.

What the heck is praxis and practice?

These terms may seem intimidating to someone who is new to a coherent spiritual doctrine but they’re really not at all. In fact, once you understand them, they’ll make perfect sense as to why you should implement them. Firstly, “Praxis” means the understood system in which you practice your devotion. I’m sure you’re familiar with the term “orthopraxy” which means “correct practice”. A way to practice your religion that is coherent within the framework of the sacred texts, verified sources and established philosophical foundations. After these are perfected in real time by way of repetition, it becomes your “practice”. Practice over time and generations becomes religious tradition. This is the final destination that we are aiming for is a restoration of our authentic ancestral traditions. 

Completely rebuilding from the ground up what has been severely damaged and cast to the side is not an easy task. In fact, many have invested into the idea that it’s completely lost. Well, I can tell you confidently that those people are wrong. The Norroena Society proves them wrong every single day with every new discovery. I used to believe this. Now I see in real time as my old assumptions are being crumpled up and tossed into the fires of motivation and devotion. Some will still make the feeble claim that our true spiritual traditions can’t be recovered. These people are usually just trying to protect the comfort or even the profits they’ve built from this void of lost knowledge that supposedly existed. Enough about them, let’s get started on how I personally have established a relationship with the Gods through devotion and hopefully it helps those of you new to this religion begin your journey as well. 

Esoteric and Exoteric

The word “Esoteric” gets thrown around a lot. It often gets used to describe conspiracy theories, occultism or just anything mysterious in general. However, the origin of the word hails from the Greek “esōterikos” meaning “within”. Describing inner spiritual practice or knowledge. It doesn’t have to be spooky or mysterious at all, in fact it’s mostly pretty basic. Prayer, meditation, or any spiritual practice involving just you is considered “esoteric”. On the other side is the “Exoteric” which refers to the outer spiritual practice of a community. Both are absolutely necessary in establishing a life of proper devotion. A harmonious existence between both self and others, physical and metaphysical. 


While there are many techniques, practices, schools of thought and endless resources dedicated to esoteric practice, I’m only going to focus on my routine and what I strive for. You may take these basic tools and expand, add or adjust in your journey of spiritual discovery. But, these are a strong foundation to build a praxis of inner devotion. First, I would like you to picture a series of concentric circles. All of which begin with self. This does not at all imply that “self” is the highest on the totem pole of priorities. In fact, the reason that you want to master self is so you may serve clan, folk and Gods more successfully. A machine is made of individual cogs. If those cogs are misshapen, poorly maintained or broken, the machine will run poorly. However if each cog is well maintained then the machine will run at it’s full potential. You are the cog, your clan is the machine and the Gods are the energy that animates it. The wolf age has destroyed the machine and has tricked you into believing that cogs work best spinning by themselves with no purpose or meaning. Voluntarily assuming your rightful place as a pillar in the temple of existence is a direct revolt to the evils of wolf age. So we are obligated to fulfill this role. 

Speaking of temples, a common mantra of the fraudulent modernist is “your body is a temple”. What they mean by this is your fleshly form is divine and quenching it’s reptilian thirsts is the highest echelon of human awakening. This is profane filth proposed by charlatan materialists. If your body is indeed a temple, then it is a mere vessel for something far more transcendent. Your soul. However, although this meat vehicle is only material as are temples, it must be kept tidy and pristine as it is a reflection of divinity. 

The first step of proper esoteric practice is simply health. Have a good diet, sleep well, exercise, take your vitamins, avoid intoxicants and never poison your mind with the smut that is pornography. If you’re a smut watching drunken swine that sleeps all day, you’re never going to progress into a higher level of awareness. This is the life of a subhuman consumption pig. I like to say “Abscond from the horn except in celebration. Drink of the mead but only in moderation”. To anyone who has read the Havamal knows very well the virtues of moderation and etiquette laid out by the Allfather himself. 

Next is rejecting a vice we’re all horrendously guilty of. Governing what information goes into our minds. All around us we are bombarded with a barrage of information. At best it’s just unnecessary like advertisements and at worst it’s toxic like social media drama or reality TV. Put down your phone, turn off the TV, ignore the adverts and spend your downtime cleaning. A tidy home leads to an orderly mind. Instead of binge watching degenerate entertainment on smutflix, read an old book full of ancient wisdom or teach yourself a craft. Screens are poison. TV is poison. Junk food is poison. The modern world is poison. It’s not easy, these things are addicting. But nothing with real meaning is easy. The greatest achievements are hard. I know that you’ve heard all of these things before but your spiritual healing cannot begin until you conquer these demons. Once you’re well on your way to ridding your life of these cancers you can dedicate your time to a routine of inner, esoteric devotion. 


This is crucial. Much like you need to visit the gym 4 times a week to maintain physical shape, you must visit sacred space everyday to maintain spiritual shape. I use three main tools in my esoteric devotional routine. Galdr meditation, prayer and study. Here is a daily routine itinerary. 

In the morning when you first wake up, start with a Galdr meditation. “Galdr” means “to chant”, it’s a practice of entering sacred space by vocalizing consecrated sound. This can be performed by harsh whisper, throat singing or traditional melody. But, like always, before a ritual of any kind is performed the area must be consecrated as well. The prayer I’ve learned invites the ancestors and the Gods into your sacred space. It is as follows:

“Alfar etha disir, helga ve thetta ok hindra alla illska.

Aesir etha vanir, helga ve thetta ok hindra alla illska.”

Sit with legs crossed and back straight in a completely silent room. Being comfortable is absolutely important. If you have to, put your back straight up against a wall. Sitting directly in the center of a clean, empty room is best but maintaining focus is what’s important. For roughly 5 minutes focus on deep breathing with an empty mind. Once the only thing in your awareness is the sound and function of the breath entering and leaving your body, you may begin the ALU Galdr chant. 

“ALU” is Ansuz, Lagaz, Uruz. A runic formula harkening back to the primordial elements of creation. To fully understand the meaning of this, open your Asatru/Odinist Edda and read the very first chapter about Ginnungagap. To further immerse yourself in the natural energies of creation it’s also helpful to have a candle or incense burning on your nearby stalli (altar). When mind is calm you may begin your chant. 


Stretch it out until you run out of breath and begin again.


Focusing only on the sound that is generated in your diaphragm, augmented in your throat and casted from your mouth as your tongue alters the tones. You are surrendering yourself to this chant invoking the swirling, toiling elements of ginnungagap and the creation of existence. In meditation you are shedding your physical form and existing purely as a being of consciousness. After 15-30 minutes of chanting you may cease your chanting, focus back on your breathing and gently drift back to your physical awareness. This will start your day off with calm, collected mind. Many scientific studies show the benefits of folks who perform routine meditation. There are many galdr chants but this is my personal favorite to use in the morning as it’s energizing and fuels my creative energy throughout the day. After your Galdr chant is complete you can begin your day with the “Hail the Day” prayer found in Sigrdrifumal. With back straight, arms stretched and palms upward facing speak to the heavens and say:

Hail Day.

Hail the Sons of Day.

Hail Night and her daughter.

Gaze on us with gracious eyes.

And give victory, those who wait.

Hail the Gods. Hail the Goddesses.’

Hail the bounteous Earth

Wisdom and truth give to us.

And healing hands while we live.

Heill dagr,

heilir dags synir,

heil nótt ok nipt;

óreiðum augum

lítið okkr þinig

ok gefið sitjöndum sigr.

Heilir æsir,

heilar ásynjur,

heil sjá in fjölnýta fold,

mál ok mannvit

gefið okkr mærum tveim

ok læknishendr, meðan lifum.

Thanking the Gods and Ancestors during meals is another wonderful tool in daily devotion. Once again you may use the consecration prayer above to invite them to join you. Our Gods are real deities, our ancestors are in the next world. Both are aware of your existence. They are also the reason for your existence. Like you would a beloved guest or dear friend, invite them to share your meal with you. A simple silent “thank you” suffices or even a raised toast in their honor. As it says in the Havamal, if you meet a true friend, visit them often and exchange gifts. Can you think of a truer friend than our Gods or forebears? Your life is a wondrous gift, give thanks back to those who awarded it to you. If you can do this with your family or friends, not only will you build a relationship with the Gods but you will with those around you here in this life as well. “A family that prays together, stays together.” always remember that. 

Lastly in your devotional routine is study and contemplation before bed. Not all of us are bookworms. Those of us that are blue collar folks sometimes have a little trouble staying focused on texts after a long day. That’s okay, you don’t have to read an entire book cover to cover before bed. My rule of thumb is to read, process and contemplate on nine pages from my Odinist Edda before bed. Those texts were written down by our divinely inspired ancestors. Within those words are endless depths of wisdom and ancient knowledge. A literary time capsule left behind by our ancestors. Truth of the Gods left to be found by us here in the wolf age so we may once again ascend to our primordial form until it is our time to pass to the next life. There we will be with our Gods and our beloved family until it is our turn to be reborn and once again walk midgard to continue the cycle of existence. 

In a future article I will dig into how to implement the praxis and practice involving exoteric devotion. Until then, check out the video “Hallowed Guide to Sacred Blot” on the Norroena Society YouTube channel.

- by Dave Martel , first published in “The Epicist” number 2 -2020