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Sacred Kettles

One device that is often looked over, even though it is mentioned more in our sources than any other, is the kettle or cauldron. The word kettle comes from the Old Norse kettil, meaning “kettle, cauldron,” from the Proto-Germanic katilaz, “kettle, bucket, vessel.” The kettle would have been used for various purposes, from cooking the sacred feast to brewing mead, and possibly even divination. It is likely that our ancestors saw this as important for the same reason they revered the hearth, because it was central to the gathering of the folk. It was the vessel from which communal meals and drinking feasts would be prepared and procured. With this as the basis for our thesis, we shall examine the evidence and symbols surrounding this implement for our blots.



October 1 , 2020 | Posted by Vernon |


Written by Mark Puryear He is the boar of plenty, the beast of sustenance that feeds the warriors in Vahall. This boar is a sacred animal representing two of the most revered aspects of any religious belief: the sacred feast and regeneration. Here is what is stated in The Odinist Edda about Saehrimnir (XXV.7, using

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The Road to Discovery

“The height of Odinic spirituality has always been the use and study of symbols and metaphors, which shall be explored throughout this book.” The symbol, whether it be an actual pictograph such as a rune, or poetic phrasing in the lore, manifests itself on so many levels for the observer that they very inspiration it

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The Internal Struggle

( Art by Ivana Stojakovich) The hedonist likely believes that their lifestyle is benign, that really we are making too big of a deal about this and we should not criticize them for their behavior. For this we must examine the paradigm of Loki. He began his campaign in Asgard as a benevolent deity, a

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March 25 , 2020 | Posted by Kyle Davis |

A great deal of work is being done behind the scenes within our circles. If you would like to learn more about some of the work we are doing currently within our circles, please purchase a copy of the Epicist magazine on Amazon. If you simply have questions about our plans or you would like to participate, please contact us through Facebook, Telegram, or email.



Són- The Concept Of Atonement In Norse Tradition

We have previously discussed the passages on retribution for crimes in the afterlife. This is an affirmation of the ideals our ancestors held in regards to balancing örlög and maintaining social order. Actions must have consequences or codes mean nothing. However, the biggest issue we have is that when people violate the code is there

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September 28 , 2019 | Posted by Dagaz Issa |

An Examination Of New Age Belief

One of the things we need to do if we are to move forward as a religious movement is to define the terms we use precisely and reasonably. We do not want to be accused of knee-jerk reactions or simply responding with buzzwords that might help win an argument. The point is to know, to

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What Is Epicism?

What Is Epicism? Our belief is polytheistic. We have a pantheon. We have Gods. We have law. There is no denying this, and those that do so have proven to have ulterior motives. As Children of the Gods it is imperative for us to understand and learn their ways, the ways that have been passed

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