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The First Concentric Circle: The Self

Excerpts from Trúnaðarbók: The Loyalty Writings Ancient Germanic virtues speak of honor, honesty, wisdom, piety, courage, loyalty, independence, generosity, and kindness. We, as our ancestors before us, and the Goðin before them, hold great meaning and value in our ability seek, achieve, and maintain high moral character. Inherently born, we are a tribal folk, where

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It is the most sacred observance of our religion, mentioned in many sources as the premier means of communicating with the Gods. Implementing the establishment of sacred space, the use of the many holy tools, and the creation of the hallowed stalli of hǫrgr. The Blót is the principal standard of Sedian worship, which is

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Also called Hamarsmark, this ritual is found mentioned specifically in Hákonar Saga Góða ch. 17: En er hit fyrsta full var skenkt, þá mælti Sigurðr jarl fyrir ok signaði Óðni ok drakk af horninu til konungs. Konungr tók við ok gerði krossmark yfir. Þá mælti Kárr af Grýtingi; hví ferr konungr nú Svá? vill hann

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Sacred poles form an important aspect of worship and the development of sacred space within our religion, and should be examined as an integral part of such practices. These poles can be central to our worship of the divine as catalysts for their beings and focal points of the rite.  These would include pole-gods, central

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The Úrarhorn or “Aurochs-Horn” connects to our sacred cow, Auðhumla. She is the provider of sustenance who licked the rime to create the first God, Buri. Her milk then became saturated with this substance and thus became the holy Aurr by way of Ymir. When he drank of her milk he became so fertile that

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