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By William P. Reaves, author of “Odin’s Wife” (2018) “The narrative of Snorri’s Edda is based for the most part on old mythological poems, in particular Völuspá (“The Sibyl’s Prophecy”). But there are discrepancies of one sort and another between the poems, and the other fragmentary sources about the pagan religion are either disjointed or terse and difficult to

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The Æfinrúnar – Book 1

-The Æfinrúnar Book 1- The Æfinrúnar are the runes of earthly life, the sacred practices handed to us by the divine. In the Rigsthula, Heimdallr bestowed gifts to the classes of men. He gave them the tools of civilization, as well as the Æfinrúnar and Aldrúnar. But Konr the Younglearned runesÆfinrúnarand Aldrrúnar;further he couldhelp people,blunt

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The Helthing

The “Helthing” is a representation of the judgement given when one dies for our deeds. First we should examine the 9 nids found in our lore in multiple references to understand how our eschatology can be viewed. We have identified the nine nids as follows: Murder – Völuspá 40, Sölarljód 64, Vafthrúdnismál 43, Germania by

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