Odisbook: The Book of Odr


In 2009 The Norroena Society published The Asatru Edda, which has become the beginning of a true hierology for the Odinist or Asatru religion. With an intact body of sacred lore, the Society has been able to take leaps and bounds in discovering new ways that these ancient traditions relate to one another, and how they connect to the Indo-European model. From this has developed an in-depth philosophy, The Odisbook, centered around the notion that the inner-spirit of man, the Odr, is meant to be inspired and driven towards new heights. This is the gift of the Gods, and is the cornerstone for much of what we do in ritual, in contemplation, and in spirituality. The Odisbook is a journey through the ages and through the mind and spirit of the reader. It begins with birth and takes you through the many stages of existence. Its purpose is to help you achieve a better life, a higher spirit, and a stronger relationship with the Gods of your people. Now the journey is yours to take, and the first step is in your hands…

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