For years The Norroena Society has made arguments as to the validity of The Oera Linda Book based on a stringent investigation into the contents of the text, rather than knee-jerk reactions from academics we do not trust in the first place.

One of our primary arguments was that OLB contains an account of the Teutonic migration Saga, which was not fully fleshed out by academia until a century AFTER the text was discovered. Other than that, we never took the book at face value, and saw it as being something on par with say Saxo, which is useful but severely flawed from the standpoint of seeking an authentic narrative on our ancestral ways. However, it does seem that OLB poses problems within the research, and it is our goal to achieve the closest possible rendition of the faith that we can find.

For that reason we will retain the info we have put out previously from OLB, as a way to show people the evolution of the work we have done, but will retire from using it in the future because of the problems it poses.

We will be making other changes in the future that will be very strongly tied to this idea of seeking an authentic path for our folk to follow, and build a body of wisdom and lore that will ring out throughout the ages. New works are coming towards that end that will change everything we thought we knew, while validating these beliefs in ways we never thought possible. So stay tuned!