Now we see a folk arise. With fire in their heart and a reawakened spirit. The skin is shed and foreign creeds fall to ash. We have fought, tooth and nail, with blood and sweat and tears, to see our religion truly reborn. The Gods are with us! Now our time has come!

Let the Irminsul be lifted up once again. Let the children look up to its majesty and see the tree of all things. Let the songs of divinity ring out in their ears. Let the horn of Heimdallr resound all across Midgard as we declare our faith renewed.

The forests whisper, the rivers roar, the mountains quake, and the sky rumbles; they call to us, their voice clear as perfect rain, return to the old ways! Seek out your ancestors! Hold true to the Gods and give them your light!

A people now gather under the blanket of their native beliefs. These are the only beliefs that truly matter. The door is now open and the people will see across the worlds again. Their eyes are open and their hearts are true.

Come home again… the Sedian Nation arises!

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