Welcome to our merch page! Proudly displaying Norrœna merchandise not only makes a bold statement regarding your devotion to the Gods and to our faith, but also helps support our work and its development. We work diligently to bring you the best material available and support from the folk is what makes it all happen! So thank you for standing strong with true theological reconstruction! 

Norrœna Spreadshop

See our Spreadshirt account to buy all kinds of merch! Hats, hoodies, and T-Shirts displaying your support of our work and your devotion to the Sedian lifestyle! All proceeds to this account will go to furthering the work of the Norrœna Society and the promotion of the Sedian Nation!

Norrœna Tapestries

These beautiful tapestries were designed by our good friend Scott Sterling, and the tapestry itself is made by Woven Art and Beyond. Made of high-quality materials, the image depicts the bringing of culture to humanity by Heimdallr himself. The top image is the bringing of the holy fire, and the bottom depicts the bringing of runes, which essentially formed the basis of our religion in the Æfinrúnar (Runes of Earthly Life= Law and Practice), and Aldrrúnar (Runes of the Ages= Lore). These are the “Gifts of Rig” as displayed in runes at the bottom of the tapestry. Price: $100 plus s&h. To purchase shoot us an email, and PayPal to info@norroena.org.