Hoenir: Son of Burr and Bestla, father of Frigga with Natt. He was chieftain of the Vanir until he was deposed during the As-Van war (the Folkwar) and replaced by Lodur.

This is a symbol of the corruption of the worlds, where Hoenir represents the peaceful, tranquil waters of creation and Lodur the enflamed passions that can lead to conflict.

After Ragnarok, Hoenir is returned to his position so that he can lead the Vanir into the next age of peace.

Other than this, Hoenir is one of the creator Gods who helped his brothers, Odin and Lodur, build the worlds and make the first humans from trees.

More so than his brothers, Hoenir continues on in his role of creator, for he is the caretaker of the Manna Mjötuðr, the fruits of life, taken from Yggdrasill, which become children. After Urd has delivered their fate, Hoenir sees to it that each fruit is properly fructified within the waters of Fensalir "The Marsh Halls," which is his realm. They are given the divine gifts, blessed, then delivered by winged spirits to the woman destined for it. His strong relation to childbirth (for his totem animal or fylgja is the stork) is why he is the progenitor of the Vanir and father of Frigga, Goddess of motherhood.

The spiritual lesson of Hoenir comes from the calm, soothing waters of his domain. Water is a symbol of tranquility, and the tranqiuil mind is a primary focus of spiritual practice. Hoenir's waters do not simply represent inner-peace, but the energizing of the Spirit through that peace with the power of creation. Like the fetus of the womb we seek to gain serenity and peace of mind from the primordial sea, the sea of creation or convergence. We meditate, we chant, we pray in the hopes of becoming one with the divine, as a child does in the womb of its mother. These waters are sacred, as they are one of the primal elements that formed when the heat froze the ice.

Because of this, Hoenir is considered to be a priest among the Gods, who will be "able to choose the lot-wood" (LIII.88) once he returns to his position after Ragnarok.

Lodur: Son of Burr and Bestla, 'Father' of Heimdall as caretaker of the Grotti-Mill, and father of Mani, Sol, and Njord with Natt. Lodur is the caretaker of the Grotti-Mill, which is in the ownership of his grandson, Frey.

As custodian of the mill, which is turned by nine giantesses that are also called "wood- wives" (iviðjur Völuspá 2, they are the nine woods of the Need-Fire), he became the 'father' of Heimdall, God of the hearth-fire (Heimdall means 'Home-Light'), formed from the sparks of the mill as it rotated.

This was the first Need-Fire and thus made the nine "wood-wives" Heimdall's 'mothers.' Lodur's name means "The Fire-Producer" or "The Blazing" for this very reason. Lodur is also one of the creator Gods who made the worlds and humans, completing the Spirit (Odin)/Water (Hoenir)/Fire (Lodur) triumvirate of Burr's sons.

Lodur became the leader of the Vanir after the Folkwar and will continue to hold this position up until Ragnarok.

Lodur's spiritual lesson is one of passion, letting the fires of life burn within as you continue on your quest for enlightenment. But these fires must always be tempered with Hoenir's waters so that Odin's Spirit does not get burned up in the process.

In other words, be passionate about the things you love and care for, but never overdo it. Odin teaches us to be moderate in our affairs, and to not take things to the extreme.

Passion is a good and positive thing if it is balanced with wisdom (Odin) and tranquility (Hoenir). This is a very powerful lesson.