Odin's wife and mother of the Aesir—Thor, Baldur, and Hodur with him; she also gave birth to Frey, Freya, Blik, Blid, Frid, Eir, Hlif, Hlifthrasa, Thjodvarta, and Bjart with her brother, Njord.

Such a close union is allowed among the Vanir (but not the Aesir), and we would see this as an aspect of divinity rather than a model to live by. All in all, Frigga has thirteen children known to us, more than any other Goddess, which is fitting since she is our matron of childbirth and marriage.

Her role in the fertility process, according to the lore, is in seeing to it that the Manna Mjotudr, the fruits of human destiny and life, are delivered to the right expectant mothers. Therefore, women pray to her when they wish to have children.

Besides being Goddess of childbirth and motherhood, Frigga is also identical to Nerthus, Jord, and Erde, our Mother Earth. As such her first spiritual lesson for us is in maintaining our connection to the land, to the natural world around us. If you are looking for magic or miracles, look no further than the rising sun, the birds in the trees, the flowing rivers, mighty volcanoes, peaceful groves, etc.

Nature itself is the miracle, a mechanism so vast and so complex that we will never fully understand all of it, and yet that is a part of its majesty. We cannot lose our relationship with the soil, with the womb of our sacred Mother, for we are a part of her and she is a part of us. If we wish to meditate and find a force to enliven our spirits, there is none greater than the wilderness of our planet. There we find peace, we find savagery, we find survival, we find death, and we find life. Nothing can be more sacred to us.

Frigga's second spiritual lesson is in the birthing of children, for in Odinism there is no higher calling. Our ancestors would not tolerate childlessness in the Northern lands, and we must let people know how dangerous it is for us today.

The Western World is aging because we are not having enough children to replace our dead. Any sociologist will tell you that this tendency can only lead towards extinction, and Europeans are the prime example of the progression towards this suicide-genocide. We must show the blessings of raising children, which is the greatest act of selflessness we humans can ever know. Having a child and proper parenting involves an entire lifetime of putting someone else before yourself. Anyone can put a check in the mail to some charity (and being charitable is something we should do), but being a parent is the only authentic form of altruism that matters. This spiritual bond between parent and child is one of Frigga's powers, and is why she is our most high Goddess.

From Odin’s Wife , by William P Reeves