Kvasir Academy is the premier learning institution on Sedian religion, aesthetics, and philosophy. By building a higher standard in education, ethics, and practice, we feel that we can develop a deeper spiritual understanding of our relationship with the Gods of our ancestors. We are here to establish positions of leadership within our faith community while maintaining a degree of excellence never seen before within the study of our ways. By creating a full curriculum, focusing on various aspects of the religion, we can explore the various fundamentals of this way of life while providing students with a proper understanding of what the culture is and how it functions. This will allow us to fulfill much needed roles within the faith community as we grow in our work and in our knowledge.

Take a look at our Student Handbook, examine the requirements and expectations for our academy and see if this fits your needs. If you feel that this course will work for you see below for how to enroll!



Once you have looked over the material within this handbook, you will send a query letter to kvasir@norroena.org, where you will explain why you feel that you best fit within this program, give any background information you would like to provide, and provide your personal assessment of your view on Sedian belief. We will then review this information, and if the query meets our standards you will be set up for a Student Interview. The interview will be conducted in order to get to know the student better, understand their intentions and interests, and get a feel for their focus upon entering the program. At any time Kvasir Academy reserves the right to reject any applicant for any reason, and will make absolutely sure that our student body fits the required model for our school.


Registration for each course: $50

Each Class (Paid on Day of Class): $10

Payments will be via PayPal: