This rite is designed to bless and bring life and power to your images of the Gods, called Skurðgoðar. This is a very important element in your practice, for your focus within the rite should be upon these images and the deities they represent.

The idea is not that the inanimate objects are divine themselves, but rather that they are imbued with a portion of deific strength and identity, which allows us to offer to them as if we were facing the Gods themselves.

The Nine Square Grid

Now that we have examined the gates themselves, it is important for us to look at why a Nine Square Grid was used and what purpose it serves. We know that the number nine is the holiest of numbers in Teutonic Polytheism, and many believe that this is due to it being the number of months in a pregnancy. If we consider the connection this may have to the Nornir and to the Underworld, this may very well be the case. But before we look into the nature of birth

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The journey of the Dead Part 3

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Loki bound

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The Oath Ring

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