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The Norroena Society is a private research institution made up of researchers and teachers who focus heavily on the thorough investigations of our ancient Germanic culture. Our goal is to re-establish an authentic heathen tradition, a working system that binds faith, family, and community. We work towards building a better future for our descendants and

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Loki bound

Although he had once been adopted into the circle of gods, as a blood-brother by oath of Odin himself (Lokasenna 9) Loki became a jotun again once he murdered Baldur and was chained in Niflhel by the gods for it. We see him as “Uthgarlocus” in Saxo’s Danish History Book 8. His hair and beard

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The Oath Ring

Written by Mark Puryear Within every religion the highest office is always recognized as that of the priesthood. In our faith, Asatru/Odinism, this is no different and is called the “Godord,” which is the plural form of the masculine godi, a male priest, and the feminine gydja, or priestess. These terms simply mean “those in

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October 1 , 2020 | Posted by Vernon |


Written by Mark Puryear He is the boar of plenty, the beast of sustenance that feeds the warriors in Vahall. This boar is a sacred animal representing two of the most revered aspects of any religious belief: the sacred feast and regeneration. Here is what is stated in The Odinist Edda about Saehrimnir (XXV.7, using

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March 25 , 2020 | Posted by Kyle Davis |

A great deal of work is being done behind the scenes within our circles. If you would like to learn more about some of the work we are doing currently within our circles, please purchase a copy of the Epicist magazine on Amazon. If you simply have questions about our plans or you would like to participate, please contact us through Facebook, Telegram, or email.