Sedian Tradition



The Guilty arise

When you look into the mirror, what do you see? Do you see a vile creature worthy of scorn and hate? Do you see a monster consumed by greed or racism or apathy for the whole world? All around us different groups and individuals want to sell us their version of a guilt-complex. They want

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Going to Hel: The Consequences of a Heathen Life

By placing inordinate weight on the words of Snorri’s Edda and paying insufficient attention to what the older heathen poems say regarding the fate of the dead, we have been mislead into believing that the gods did not judge their followers and that only warriors were rewarded for leading a virtuous life according to the precepts of heathen morality.



The Fylgja

By Mark Puryear We are told that the fylgjas, who are tutelary spirits in the Odinic faith, are women who die as virgins and are thus led to serve Urd in this capacity. Their virginity is based on the idea that the family and clan must always be kept together, and since they have no

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The Norns

Therefore, if I am to have positive things in my life I must positively influence those around me. It’s just that simple.



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Odal Lands

In ancient Europe, there existed a tradition that played a part in our ancestors’ appreciation of the land. It was called the “odaľ and was so sacred that one of our runes was named after it (also called “Othala”). The odal was an inherited property or estate, passed on from generation to generation. It was

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A Cultural Connection with the Divine

Besides having a relationship with divinity, it is also significant to have a cultural connection to the deities of your ancestors. Think of this—only Western Christians celebrate that did not originate in their lands from their ancestral traditions, and only Westerners suffer from an identity crisis where they want to be everything except what they

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An Excerpt on Germanic Law

“The demand for personal restitution, indeed, is not a thing that life and society merely acknowledge, it is the very innermost secret, the sustaining power itself, in the legislation of the North.”



On Divinity

If we recognize divinity as a part of the Spiritual Collective, rather than its whole, then we can grasp an understanding of the Gods as natural beings living within our reality and thus being subject to its laws.