The Æfinrúnar – Book 1

-The Æfinrúnar Book 1- The Æfinrúnar are the runes of earthly life, the sacred practices handed to us by the divine. In the Rigsthula, Heimdallr bestowed gifts to the classes of men. He gave them the tools of civilization, as well as the Æfinrúnar and Aldrúnar. But Konr the Younglearned runesÆfinrúnarand Aldrrúnar;further he couldhelp people,blunt

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Calendar: Lunisolar Vs Misseri

I want to post here a source that I feel is extremely important regarding the debate between the use of the lunisolar calendar vs. the Misseri Calendar. The fact is, no source connects any blót to any lunar cycle, anywhere. The idea that Jólatungl is a term that connects this doesn’t mean anything, because Jól

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Hákon’s Blót

Snorri Sturluson presents a vivid account of Jarl Hákon’s Oðinnic sacrifice in his Heimskringla. Hákon, depicted as a devoted and unrelenting pagan, just has been coerced into accepting baptism at the insistence of his Danish overlord, the newly Christianized Harald Bluetooth. Harald’s conversion seems sincere, motivated by witnessing Bishop Poppa’s ordeal of iron. Hákon has

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Consecration – Purification

Consecration(Vigja) Tools: knife or sword, compass, wooden Elgr ( Algiz, Elhaz) rune, bowl of ice or water, flame, bowl of salt. This ceremony is used to consecrate the most sacred utensils of your ceremonial practice. It is not necessary to perform a full ceremony every time you need to consecrate something, for often times a

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