Consecration – Purification

Consecration(Vigja) Tools: knife or sword, compass, wooden Elgr ( Algiz, Elhaz) rune, bowl of ice or water, flame, bowl of salt. This ceremony is used to consecrate the most sacred utensils of your ceremonial practice. It is not necessary to perform a full ceremony every time you need to consecrate something, for often times a

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The Purpose of Sacrifice

Sacrifice is never viewed as a form of humility on our part . There is even evidence that the gods sacrifice to one another . The reason for this is that we believe such offerings empower the divine , which allows them to perform magnificent feats , usually to our benefit.When Ódin , in Hávamál

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Worshipping the Gods

To understand the true nature of the worship of our Gods and Goddesses, we must first understand the anatomy of the human brain. Neuroscience has determined that our brain has two sides—a left side that deals with logic and reasoning, and a right side that deals with creativity and imagination. The left side is very

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Són- The Concept Of Atonement In Norse Tradition

We have previously discussed the passages on retribution for crimes in the afterlife. This is an affirmation of the ideals our ancestors held in regards to balancing örlög and maintaining social order. Actions must have consequences or codes mean nothing. However, the biggest issue we have is that when people violate the code is there

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Exploring the Blot pt. 1

Exploring the Blot pt. 1 The word “blot” is an Old Norse term designating a sacrifice or offering. It is etymologically linked to English “blood”, which was its original meaning; since in ancient times animal and even human sacrifices were performed to the Gods and Goddesses, with their blood being a central object of observance.

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