Now We See a Folk Arise

 Now we see a folk arise. With fire in their heart and a reawakened spirit. The skin is shed and foreign creeds fall to ash. We have fought, tooth and nail, with blood and sweat and tears, to see our religion truly reborn. The Gods are with us! Now our time has come! Let

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It’s Elementary!

It’s Elementary! Know the difference between the Poetic Edda and Snorri Sturluson’s Prose Edda. The former is our primary source of information about the Norse gods and their mythology, the later is a secondary work of scholarship on the old heathen poems, written from and advocating the Roman Catholic Worldview and World History. Tacitus tells

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Trúnaðr First Concentric Circle: The Self The 5th Sedian Tenet states that there are nine virtues: “Honor, Honesty, Wisdom, Piety, Courage, Loyalty, Independence, Generosity, and Kindness.” We, as our ancestors before us, and the gods before them, hold great meaning and value in our ability seek, achieve, and maintain high moral character. Inherently born, we

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Germanic Hero-Kings of the Migration Period

Germanic Hero-Kings of the Migration Period Germanischen Heldenkönige der Völkerwanderung In 1868, the wealthy merchant Heinrich Lingg, the brother of the German poet Hermann Lingg, privately commissioned Julius Naue to adorn the principle chamber of Villa Lingg in Lindau on Lake Constance, with eight monumental frescoes, each seven feet in height, illustrative of Lingg’s popular

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