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Spinning seiðr

In an article called “Spinning seiðr”, which is the basis for the modern connection between seiðr and the Norns, scholar Elder Heide writes: ‘This paper argues that seiðr was about spinning a mind emissary, sending forth such a spun emissary, or attracting things or doing other things with such a mind emissary.’ He begins: ‘The

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On Cogfodas

Cofgodas: Glossy New Penates for the 21st CenturyThe Classical School of Interpretation In the 21st century, a new orthopraxy has emerged in the pagan movement, self-identifying as “Hearth Cults”, In the Germanic sphere, this practice is commonly centered around the German Kobold, said to be closely akin, if not identical to the Anglo-Saxon cofgodas, defined

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Now We See a Folk Arise

 Now we see a folk arise. With fire in their heart and a reawakened spirit. The skin is shed and foreign creeds fall to ash. We have fought, tooth and nail, with blood and sweat and tears, to see our religion truly reborn. The Gods are with us! Now our time has come! Let

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