Heimdall – Skef ( Sceaf )

When the primordial worlds have been formed, the Gods have sprung into existence, and mankind has been created. Midgard becomes […]

Law in the Ættarbók

Law in the Ættarbók: the Official Guide to the Sedian Nation It is crucial to the maintenance of a well-ordered […]

The journey of the Dead Part 3

Excerpt from VIKTOR RYDBERG’S “OUR FATHERS’ GODSAGA” Translated by William P. Reaves © 2003 Chapter 38. Part 3 / 3 […]

Sacred Laws

Sacred Laws When someone tries to tell us that there was no concept of sacred law amongst our ancestors, I […]


….In modern times, inheritance is a question first and foremost of preventing the property from being left without an owner; […]

The Land

“Four things are given for your profit , with the names air , water , land and fire. But Odin […]