Germanic Law



Law in the Ættarbók

Law in the Ættarbók: the Official Guide to the Sedian Nation It is crucial to the maintenance of a well-ordered and harmonious organization for laws to be in place that are respected and followed by its members. Ours is no different. Every person involved should at least have some idea of the laws of your

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On Theistic Paganism, Doctrine and Hierarchy…

Original title: “ On the Need for Theistic Paganism, Doctrine and Hierarchy; or Against the Murderous, Thieving Hordes of Wiccans By TRISTAN POWERS Among the modern incarnations of Germanic Heathenry is a decentralized, grassroots structure which has given rise to innumerable permutations of religious thought and behavior. Some of these have resulted in strong and

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Sacred Laws

Sacred Laws When someone tries to tell us that there was no concept of sacred law amongst our ancestors, I wonder just what sources they are even looking at. Our forefathers had such a strong sense of divine law it permeates throughout their lore. If you do not believe that there was a sacred law,

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The Land

“Four things are given for your profit , with the names air , water , land and fire. But Odin will alone be the possessor thereof. Therefore, I advise you , you shall choose yourselves just men who deal out fairly the toil and the fruits so that none be free from work nor from

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