The Helthing

The “Helthing” is a representation of the judgement given when one dies for our deeds. First we should examine the 9 nids found in our lore in multiple references to understand how our eschatology can be viewed. We have identified the nine nids as follows:
Murder – Völuspá 40, Sölarljód 64, Vafthrúdnismál 43, Germania by Tacitus.
Perjury – Völuspá 40, Völundárkvida 6-8, Skáldskaparmál 4, Vafthrúdnismál 43, Sigrifumál 23, Germania by Tacitus

Trúnaðarbók: The Loyalty Writings

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The Nine Vices

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Good and Evil Exist

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The Jarl

XXI. Jarl ( excerpt from chapter XXI of “The Asatru Edda “ 1. When Jarl was a youth he won […]

The Middle Root

In the symbolism of our sacred World Tree, Yggdrasill, there are three roots, each fed by one of the Underworld […]

Separation of Elements

So, what happens when we die? According to our lore, the elements that were given to us by Odin, Hoenir, […]

Affirming Life

Our faith, more than anything, is a tribute to life; with all its joys and sorrows, its complexities and necessities, […]

The Three Classes

When Heimdall came to men, his desire was to help our people develop a civilization. In doing so he allowed […]