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Breaking Down The Family

Sacred texts from many different religions have prophecies involving the breaking down of the family as the primary sign that the end is here. This includes the Bible, the Koran, the Baghavad Gita, the Edda, and more. Why is the family so important? First, there is the social aspect. As a species we must have some organizational structure that insures the continued existence of our kind. This is no different from other animals. Birds have their flocks, dogs have their packs, fish have their schools, lions have their prides, and we have our families. The problem is that we have been the top predator of our world for so long and rarely, if ever, need our families for physical protection, we have lost sight of the fact that we still need them for our survival. People have to have enough children to replace their dead or we will cease to exist, that is the bottom line. Family, the institution of marriage and of raising children, is our natural organization towards the preservation of this goal. If we reject the family, we reject the family, we reject our continuation as a species.

Then there is the personal aspect. Being in a functional home with two loving parents teaches us how to love, how to work well with others, how to be respectful, and how to build loving ourselves. I am not saying that such a life is perfect, or that it should be, but there are social tools that we develop when growing up with both parents guiding you the best way they can. Our mothers teach us to be nurturing and compassionate, while providing their daughters with a role model for becoming women. Our fathers teach us to be strong and honorable, and show their sons what it means to be a man. Both parents provide an example for their children's relations with the opposite sex when they grow up. These lessons are crucial to the development of a child, which is a great responsibility for the adults involved.

Every situation is different, every family is different, but all should have the same goal of providing a healthy, loving environment and raising children to become happy, successful adults. Some of us may not have had a terrific upbringing and may have a slightly skewed notion of family because of it. Our past does not negate our duty to the next generation, nor does it present us with an excuse to reject family altogether by embracing hedonism and selfishness. We must use the mistakes of the previous generation as a guide to provide a better life for our children, which will allow us to fully take part in this ultimate experience of human convergence.

If we have no families we have no models for real love or togetherness, and the world becomes a cold and lonely place. If all children are born to single moms then the generation they grow up in will understand only struggle, loneliness, and the irresponsibility of their fathers. If such a model were to become the basis for all relationships in our world, we will quickly begin to tear one another apart. We will truly cease to care about one another, our nations, our culture, and our society. From this you can expect the Self to be held far above the Collective, which will manifest itself in total social entropy— Chaos throughout the world. How could it not?

Children that grow up without fathers have a much higher risk of ending up on drugs and/or in prison because of this very same concept, so imagine the devastation to our world if all of a sudden there were no more fathers, there were no more families. If we continue on the path we are on, this will be our future.
Siblings will kill siblings, family will be a thing of the past, promiscuity will run rampant, freedom will die, and the world will fall into ruin. Can any of us say that this is not an actual possibility? I am not writing here of foretold 'magical' events where monsters will do battle in the sky with Gods and heroes, but of practical deduction of real possibilities. How can we not see this coming? If current trends continue, how can we not see this downward spiral approaching, one that we may not be able to get out of? Once it begins we could be caught in a vicious circle where one person's selfishness develops another's who develops another's, and so on until all is lost. Selfish people grow up to be selfish leaders, who care only for their own gain and control over others. People without families, or those who were abused or mistreated, grow up to abuse and mistreat others themselves. These are facts supported by psychological and sociological research; the only unknown is how far such an epidemic will spread, and how fast.
We need a return to real family values. When parents achieve balance, their children will be balanced. That is how all things work. One must be stern but loving, forceful but kind, and unbending but compassionate. We are taught thus:"Pleasing to the Gods is the father who shines on his young like the sun, with play and speech oft given. Pleasing to the Goddesses the mother who takes her lass to haft and steel, to cooperage and thatch. For the Wise One [Odin] says, "Folk are everywhere by halves." And the half lost, must the other one soon learn." (Hug. 45)

Another reason why family is so important is because it creates prosperity, and is considered to be the number one way to generate wealth. A man or woman will always seek improvement for his/her family and will do whatever it takes to provide for them, and we know that when parents accept traditional roles to allow for both a caregiver and a provider the home prospers greatly. At the same time, this teaches children the responsibilities they will need for when they grow up and have a family themselves. We would state that it is necessary for women to take on their roles as caregivers and reject the modern notion of competing with men as providers so that children may not only have a well- balanced living situation, but also families can take back control from the state in how their children are raised. It is not "liberating" to hand over every decision, every step made for your family to government institutions and corporations. It is not "liberating" to give up the ultimate power of who you are in order to bolster a statist ideology. Power is an institution built upon trust, because you can only empower yourself with those whom you trust and who trust you. It is your family that should always have your back, but unfortunately many have turned away from this and their degeneracy has led to the breakdown of this sacred institution.
Giving power to faceless mobs, bureaucrats, and companies does not help you, serve you, or improve your life in any way, shape, or form. It never has. Allowing them to convince you that you should either not have a family at all, or that you should allow them to direct every decision you make regarding that family, is the greatest loss of power human beings can ever face.

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  1. I have after myn deforce when my son was 3 co-parenting. Things goes good he is now 25. Because of corona he lives for a time with me, he askes advice, less with my ex, who is divorced again, and if he is there or when rthey go on holiday they are on each other lips, she tries still to boss him. I let him made his own mistakes, and are there for him to talk and support.He is slightly autistic, and studies on the technicl university.We do somethimes rituals together. It was heavy bringing him up but it worked out very well.