What Is Epicism?

What Is Epicism? Our belief is polytheistic. We have a pantheon. We have Gods. We have law. There is no […]

Exploring the Blot pt. 1

Exploring the Blot pt. 1 The word “blot” is an Old Norse term designating a sacrifice or offering. It is […]

Harbardsljod and Lokasenna

The purpose of this essay is to clearly define the relationship between the two Eddaic poems Harbardsljod and Lokasenna, while […]

The Role of Tyr

The Role of Tyr Usually, when I begin writing an essay, I like to get right to it, laying the […]

Odinism vs. Anti-Christianity

Odinism vs. Anti-Christianity Over a thousand years ago they came to conquer, they came to persecute, they came to destroy […]