For me, this is the most insidious aspect of the hedonistic lifestyle. Truly. Loki and Gullveig have unleashed their most perfect child of Chaos when they introduced humanity to addictive drugs.
 Here we will deal solely with actual addictive substances, rather than represent any sort of political agenda by condemning certain behaviors or substance, favoring a specific puritan ideology. Every time certain individuals do not like something they like to implement the word “addiction” to it (f.ex. “sex addiction,” video game addiction,” gambling addiction,” etc.) so they can justify laws against it. This is not our aim here, and will never be a part of our ideology.

However, this does not downplay the terrible destruction that actual drug addiction to actual addictive drugs has caused and will continue to cause. I have personally witnessed this destroy the lives of ny friends, my family members, and so many others. It is a cancer upon our society that can only be beaten with prevention and strong community support. The drug addict becomes a person altogether different from their original selves. They will lie, they will steal, they will tear down everything around them in order to get the next fix.

Addiction is the ultimate force of entropy, for the individual not only chooses the self over others, they get to the point where they have no choice at all. The drugs are in control, they call the shots, and they send the message that the only thing that matters is feeding the addiction. Parents, children, lovers, spouses; they all get cast aside if they in any fashion stand in the way of this ultimate goal.

Odinists love freedom and independence, and despise slavery and oppression, which is exactly what drug dependence is. You become a slave, and ultimately only you can break the chains. However, those of us who wish to fight for the order of the Gods will be most enthusiastic in helping people to break away from this illness. Loki and Gullveig’s daughter, Leikn, is the matron of sicknesses, both mental and physical, and it is she who rules over Niflhel with her demons of malady. She rides a three- legged horse and brings pestilence wherever she goes, thus it is she who represents drug addiction, which actually is designated as a disease within the medical community.

She is an enemy of the Order, of convergence, and so is her deadly illness that had spread among so many people, destroying so many lives.The only problem that bothers some people over this issue is that addiction is a disease brought upon by choice rather than affliction. Because of this, they would rather judge drug addicts than try to help them, which is really only a reflection of their own character. If we wish to defeat this, we must give addicts a reason to quit; we have to offer them spiritual guidance, moral support, and familial love. There must be a return to a tribal mindset, where we take care of our own: locally, patiently, and spiritually. These are the weapons we use against Leikn and her minions, and we can be victorious if we employ them.

We also have to remember that not all drugs will fit into this category, for some are neither addictive nor are they particularly harmful. In fact, certain hallucinogens, when taken in moderation, have demonstrated certain psychological and spiritual benefits in clinical trials.
The “Just Say No” crowd wants to lump all drugs under one label, and that label is BAD. I’ve seen these same people have police raid little old ladies playing bingo, placing bans on sex toys, and still enforcing prohibition in some areas. So, at this point I think these people should be ignored since they offer no rational solution to any of these issues. Drugs like methamphetamines, cocaine, heroin, etc. are poisons invented in the modern era that will destroy your life. Once you have become addicted to them you need caring, patient souls and a rock- solid program to help you out of this deadly web.
Odinists should always be ready to defeat this disease, which affects so many people, for in doing so we are truly fighting the forces of Chaos.